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VOSS Exotech Automotive produces quick connect systems for lines in pneumatic and fuel systems. Production facilities and processes in the plant encompass:

  • Molding of components made of polymer materials
  • Machining of brass components
  • Assembly of plugs, couplings, etc.

Customers can always rely on close cooperation and technical support. VOSS Exotech Automotive continuously optimizes all products according to customer requirements and develops new solutions based on the expertise of the VOSS Group.

VEAPLs application development team has expertise to offer best optimized solutions for best in class quality cost balance.

VOSS Exotech Automotive will supply new technologies with a broader range of products and applications to India, when new standards are introduced, for example when SCR technology is needed due to higher emission standards for diesel engines.

System expertise of VOSS Exotech Automotive Pvt. Ltd.